Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using fourwheeldriveindia.com, you agree to strictly follow these terms and conditions, that are going to be a part of any agreement(s). Kindly read the terms and conditions of use in a thorough manner.

You are welcome to Four Wheel Drive India, also www.fourwheeldriveindia.com, and other related applications or functions, which are owned and operated by Four Wheel Drive India. This website plays an important role in helping travellers get accurate information about travel packages, search and get connected to local operators that conduct tours, post reviews on related experiences, and for following the travel history of customers, and no other purpose besides these. The terms and conditions mentioned here, along with other files/documents that are referenced to by the document, are the components governing your access to the usage of any function of the Website. That includes any type of content, functionality, or services that are offered on fourwheeldriveindia.com, to the customers(both guests and registered users), content contributors, etc.

We recommend that you read the document thoroughly prior to accessing the website. By accessing fourwheeldriveindia.com, and/or by accepting to these terms when asked to, you hereby agree to be part of this agreement and our Privacy Policy, which is mentioned here by reference. In the case that you are not willing to comply with these terms and conditions or the Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop accessing the website.

Modifications to Agreement

We may revise and update this Agreement from time to time at our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them and apply to all that have access to and use of the Site thereafter. However, any changes to the dispute resolution provisions set forth in Dispute Resolution will not apply to any disputes for which the parties have actual notice on or prior to the date the change is posted on the Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of the revised Agreement means that you accept and agree to the changes.

Four Wheel Drive India reserves the right to modify and update these terms at any moment at our discretion. All modifications are in effect as soon as we publish them on our site, and thereby are applicable to the use of fourwheeldriveindia.com. In the case of modification in dispute resolution terms, the disputes which are filed before the date of publishing of new provisions, will not be subject to the modification. Thereafter, usage of the website post the publishing of new terms would, therefore, suggest that you give your agreement to the modifications.

Account Security and Access to fourwheeldriveindia.com

Four Wheel Drive India holds the absolute right to make any modifications to this website, without any prior notice, and at our discretion. Four Wheel Drive India is not responsible or liable if, for any reason, whole or part of the website is not functioning at any moment and for any amount of time. At any moment of time, we may also deny access to the whole website or a part of it to all users, whether guests or registered users.

Persons accessing the website are responsible for:

Making all required provisions and arrangements in order to get access to fourwheeldriveindia.com

Making sure that everyone accessing the website by the use of your internet connection be made aware of this agreement and their required compliance.

In order to have access to the website and its resources, you might be required to give a selection of details regarding registration and other information. You can choose to register on this site by signing up and filling the details required, in current, complete, and accurate form as asked in the registration process. You acknowledge and agree that each piece of information that you enter to register on this website, and/or in any of the interactive functions present on the website, is governed by the Privacy Policy and that you provide your consent in any actions taken by Four Wheel Drive India according to our Privacy Policy.

In case you select or are given a username, password, or any other piece of information that is necessary as per our procedures, you are required to keep them confidential and are forbidden from sharing it with another entity or party. By signing up on and accessing fourwheeldriveindia.com, you agree that your account is restricted to yourself and agree to not share any such personal and confidential with anyone or give access to any other party. Furthermore, you agree to send us a notice regarding any suspected unauthorized access to your account or any such breach of security. You also acknowledge that you're required to sign out of our account on fourwheeldriveindia.com at the end of every user session. You must exercise higher caution and be more careful when you access any function of the website from a network that is public in nature or any computer used by any other person in order to maintain privacy and security of your account and its information.

Four Wheel Drive India reserves the right to deactivate or suspend temporarily or indefinitely any username, password, or any other form identifier regardless of if it was provided by us or yourself, at any moment through our discretion depending on any or no reason, but also if we assess any violations on your part with regards to the terms of this agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

This website, along with all content published on the site, with regards to its features and functionality (inclusive of but not limited to each piece of information, displays, visual images, video and audio, text, software, design, selection and arrangement thereof), are owned by Four Wheel Drive India, and the providers of any such material present on the website are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and other intellectual property or proprietary right Indian laws.

The terms of this agreement allow you to access and use the website for personal purposes and not for any commercial purposes. You cannot reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, display publicly, perform publicly, republish, download, store, or transmit any of the material on fourwheeldriveindia.com. Except in the cases below:

Copies of this material may be temporarily stored on RAM incidental with your accessing or viewing of the materials.

Copies might also be stored due to being cached by your browser in order to enhance display or viewing.

A single copy of multiple pages on the website may be downloaded for your own personal purpose and not for any commercial purposes along with any further use in reproduction, publication or distribution is forbidden.

You are allowed to share some of your information including travel itineraries, plans, other travel information available on the website with your friends and families for them use it in their personal, non-commercial capacity.

If Four Wheel Drive India provides desktop, mobile, or other functions/applications for download, you can choose to download just one copy to your personal device and only for your own personal use and not for any commercial purposes, keeping in place our end-user license agreements that you are bound by.

We provide social media features Facebook and Instagram with certain content, you may take such actions as are enabled by such features.

You cannot and should not make any modifications to any copies of the materials present on fourwheeldriveindia.com

You also cannot make use of any photographs, video, or audio sequences or any graphics individually from the other text present along with it.

You cannot delete or reform any copyright, trademark or proprietary rights notices from any copies of any materials from fourwheeldriveindia.com.

You should not access or have used for any commercial purposes any section of the website or any of its services or materials present on the website, or made available through fourwheeldriveindia.com.

In case you are wanting to use any content or material on the website except what is outlined in the terms and conditions, please send your request to info@fourwheeldriveindia.com

In the case that you print, copy, modify, download or otherwise conduct any use or give another party unauthorised access to any section of the website that is in breach of this outlined agreement, you will lose your right to have access to fourwheeldriveindia.com and also be required to return or destroy any copies of the materials that you may have created. None of the rights, title or interest in, or to the website or any material on the website is transferred to you or any third party, and any other rights not explicitly granted are reserved by Four Wheel Drive India. Furthermore, any other use of the materials on fourwheeldriveindia.com that is not explicitly permitted by this agreement would automatically be a breach of the agreement which may result in copyright or trademark violation or violation of other laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

Four Wheel Drive India name, and terms “Four Wheel Drive India”, “Four Wheel Drive India Travels”, Four Wheel Drive India’s logo and all related names, logos, services and products names, and any other designs and slogans are trademarks of Four Wheel Drive India or its affiliates. You are not allowed to use any of the trademarks prior to getting official permission from Four Wheel Drive India. All other names, logos, product and service names, slogans or designs, present on the website are trademarks of their particular owners.

Prohibited Uses

You can choose to access and use the website in a manner conforming with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. However, you acknowledge that you cannot use the website:

In any manner that can potentially breach all applicable, local, state or central laws or regulations.

To cause any harm, or attempt to exploit any minors in any capacity by giving them exposure to unauthorized or unsuitable content, or attempting to gain access to their personal information or other information.

To send, receive, upload, download, use or modify copies or any material in your knowledge that does not conform with the standards outlined and established in this agreement.

To transmit, or procure the sending of, any advertising or promotional material, including any "junk mail,'' "chain letter" or "spam" or any other similar solicitation.

To copy or impersonate Four Wheel Drive India, any of its officials, including its employees, any other user or party Including but not limited to engaging in email addresses relating to or associated with any of the above mentioned.

To be involved in any other activities that harm or affect negatively in any manner, the usage, benefits, the gratification of the website, which we might assess to be damaging Four Wheel Drive India or its users and also may expose them to liability.

Furthermore, you also agree to not access fourwheeldriveindia.com in any way that may potentially affect the usage of other parties on the website. And may damage, impair, overburden, or disable the website or the usage of the parties to perform real-time activities through the website.

You cannot use devices such as robots, spiders, or other devices or processes, or other methods to access the website in any manner, including but not limited to spying, monitoring, or making copies of any of the materials that are owned by Four Wheel Drive India or its affiliates.

You cannot use any other type of manual processes to monitor or copy any of the material on fourwheeldriveindia.com for other purposes unless authorized by Four Wheel Drive India officials in a written manner.

You must not use any other type of devices or software or routine that is interfering in the operations of the Website.

You must not attempt to implement any trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, viruses or any other type of material that is malicious in nature of can harm the technology of Four Wheel Drive India.

You must not try to get unauthorized access to the website with an intention to damage or disrupt any components of the website, including the website’s server, or another server, computer or database integrated with the site.

You must not attempt to attack fourwheeldriveindia.com with a denial of service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack in order to harm the website or its users and operations in any way.

You must not in any other manner try to impair the routine operations of the website.

Member Contributions

This website might be containing chat rooms, personal web pages or profiles, forums, message boards, bulletin boards and other smart interactive features (on the whole, “Interactive Services”) that allow the users on the site to publish, submit, display, post or transfer to other users or parties or persons, content or other type of materials (collectively, “Member Contributions”) on or through the website.

Every piece of information, including text or images, have to conform to the standards outlined by the agreement.

All contributions made as a member on the site would be deemed non-proprietary and non-confidential. Contributing as a member on fourwheeldriveindia.com would be allowing us and our affiliates and service providers, including our and their respective licensees, successors, and authorizes the right to using, reproducing, modifying, performing, displaying, distributing, or in other manner disclosing to other entities all material with respect to your account settings.

You certify and give your accreditation that:

You are the owner and controller of all rights in and to the contributions by members and possess the ability to grant the license that you have granted above to Four Wheel Drive India and its affiliates and service providers, along with their particular licensees, successors, and assigns.

Each contribution made by you as a member on the website has and will conform with the terms outlined by this agreement.

Furthermore, you also acknowledge that you possess the understanding of your responsibility for all contributions made by you, that you take complete liability for any such material, with respect to its legality, reliability, accuracy, and suitability.

Four Wheel Drive India is not responsible, or liable, to any entity with respect to the materials, and their accuracy contributed by any members including any of the users of the website.

Monitoring and Enforcement; Termination

Four Wheel Drive India reserves the right to:

Invalidate and remove or refuse to publish any kind of contributions made by you for any reason at our discretion.

Exercise any action regarding to the contributions made by any members that we believe is required or suitable at our discretion, including but not limited to the situation in which we believe that any such contribution seems to be in violation of the terms laid out in this agreement, the content standards, or infringing upon any of the intellectual property rights of other rights of any party, or is threatening to the personal safety of any of the users or members of the website, or the general public, or maybe creating liability for Four Wheel Drive India.

Provide your identification information or other kinds of information relating to you to a third party that claims the material that you contributed violates their rights, including but not limited to their intellectual property rights or their right to privacy.

Exercise legal options which we believe are suitable, including but not limited to referring to law enforcement authorities, with regards to any illegal or unauthorized use of this website.

End temporarily or indefinitely your access to any part of the website for any reason or no reason at all, including a violation of this agreement.

Without limiting the foregoing, Four Wheel Drive India reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies or a court order that requests the disclosure of some or all information of anyone publishing any kind of material on fourwheeldriveindia.com or through it. You acknowledge that you waive and hold harmless Four Wheel Drive India and any of its affiliates, licensees and service providers from any claims that result from any action exercised by Four Wheel Drive India or any of the above-mentioned entities during or as a result of its investigations and from any actions practised by Four Wheel Drive India as a result of investigation by any of these parties or law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, Four Wheel Drive India does not necessarily review and analyse each piece of material prior to being published on the website, and therefore cannot assure instantaneous expulsion of questionable material after it has been published. Subsequently, Four Wheel Drive India does not assume any liability for any action or inaction regarding transmissions, communications or any content contributed by a third party of any user on the website. Four Wheel Drive India takes no liability or responsibility to any party for non-performance or performance of the activities outlined in this part.

Content Standards

Any contributions made by any of the members and usage of interactive services come under the content standards that are outlined in this agreement. Contributions made by any of the members should be conforming in their entirety with any and all applicable local, state, and central laws and regulations. Contributions by any of the members must not:

Consist of any kind of material that is considered to be indecent, obscene, offensive, abusive, defamatory, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or objectionable in any other manner.

Encourage or promote content that is sexually explicit or pornographic, consists of violence or discrimination based on sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, caste, race, or others.

Breaching or infringing upon any of the trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property or any other rights of any party.

Be in violation of any of the legal rights of other entities or consisting of any material that could potentially create any civil or criminal liability under the respective applicable laws or regulations, or be in any other manner conflicting with this agreement and the privacy policy of Four Wheel Drive India.

Deceiving any other entities or persons.

Encouraging or promoting in any manner, any kind of illegal activities, or be in support, or assistance, or arguing for any kind of unlawful activities.

Be unsuitable, and leading to any inconvenience, tension, to any parties, including any embarrassment or offence.

Be an impersonation of any entity, party, or person, along with any kind of misrepresentation of your identity or association with any other party or entity.

Be consisting of any kind of commercial activities or sales, such as sweepstakes, contents, or any other kind of sales promotions or advertising or barter.

Be giving any kind of false impressions including but not limited to, that the content is approved or endorsed by Four Wheel Drive India or any other entity unless approved and authorized by Four Wheel Drive India.

Copyright Infringement

In the case any kind of material in terms of contributions by any of the members is in violation of your copyright, kindly refer to our policies regarding the same to get information on how to provide us with a notice of the infringement. Four Wheel Drive India will suspend accounts and access to the website, of any offenders of the copyright policies.

Reliance on Information Posted

Any and all kinds of content or materials published on our website or through the website is present for just general information purposes. Four Wheel Drive India does not guarantee the completeness, usefulness, or accuracy of any of the information published. It is at your own risk that you put any kind of reliance on any such content or information. We abandon any liability and responsibility resulting from any such reliance placed on any of kind of material by you or any other party or entity visiting the website, or further by any other party that may be informed of any of the content or information.

fourwheeldriveindia.com consists of material contributed by other parties, including material provided by users, third-party licensors, content applications, members, syndicators, aggregators and/or reporting services. Any statements and/or opinions which are present in these materials, and all articles and responses to questions and material, except the content provided by Four Wheel Drive India are completely the opinions and the responsibility of the persons or entities which are contributing those materials.

Changes to the Site

Four Wheel Drive India may choose to modify and update any kind of material present on the website at any time, and the materials present may not be up to date or fully completed. Four Wheel Drive India is under no obligation to modify or update any of the material on its website which may be outdated at any time.

Booking Policy and Other Terms and Conditions

All transactions made through our website or other purchases made regarding the booking of any services or products would be administered under our Booking Policies, that are integrated into this agreement. Furthermore, additional terms and conditions might be applicable to particular sections, services, products, or features of the website. Any such additional terms and conditions are integrated by the means of this reference into the agreement.

Any refunds which arise as a result of cancellation requests made by any customer/user would be charged a fee of INR 250 per person in addition to any other fees that are mentioned in the cancellation policy of each booking made on any of the products or services provided on fourwheeldriveindia.com.

Travel Operator or Service Provider Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge and agree to follow all the terms and conditions of purchase established by any travel operator or service provider that you choose to deal with, including but not limited to any payments of any amounts when due, and be compliant with any of the rules and restrictions set by the travel operator with respect to the use and availability of products and services.

Currency Rate

The currency rates are based on a number of publicly available resources and must only be taken and interpreted as guidelines. The rates listed on the website are not verified to be accurate and therefore there may be a deviation in the actual rates. There may not be a daily update in currency rates and quotes. The information provided by Four Wheel Drive India on this website is believed to be accurate, however, Four Wheel Drive India does not guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of any such information. In case any party is using the information for financial purposes, we strictly recommend that they consult a qualified and appropriate professional to analyse the accuracy of the currency rates mentioned on the website. Four Wheel Drive India does not authorize the use of any of this information in a manner other than for personal use, and we strictly prohibit any other type of use for commercial purposes from resale and redistribution.

Linking to the Site and Social Media Features

In case you choose to link to our homepage or any other webpage of Four Wheel Drive India, you must do in a manner that is legal and fair and does not harm or negatively affect in any way our goodwill, brand image, reputation, and you may not take advantage of it in any way. You must also not create the link in any manner that is suggestive of any form of affiliation, approval, an endorsement from or with Four Wheel Drive India without an official, authorized, and written consent in an explicit manner. fourwheeldriveindia.com may also implement several social media functions that enable you to:

Link from third-party websites or your own website to the certain content material on fourwheeldriveindia.com.

Transmit emails and other communications consisting of some content, or links to such content, on the website.

Make some sections of the content present on this website to be displayed or appear to be displayed on your own or some third-party websites. You can choose to use these features solely as they are provided by Four Wheel Drive India and solely regarding any such content that is displayed with and otherwise in accordance with any further terms and conditions in addition that we provide with respect to such features. Subject to the prior, you must not:-

Create a link from any such website that may not be owned by you.

Lead to the website or some sections of the website to be displayed, or appear to be displayed by, for example, framing, deep linking or in-line linking, on any other website. Or link to any section of the website other than the homepage.

Take any other type of action regarding the materials on this website, that is inconsistent with other terms of this agreement.

The website from which you are linking, or on which you make certain content be present and accessible, must conform in all manners with the content standards set out in this agreement.

You acknowledge and agree to cooperate with Four Wheel Drive India in terminating or removing any unauthorized framing or linking immediately. Four Wheel Drive India reserves the right to withdraw linking permission without any prior notice.

Four Wheel Drive India may disable any or all social media functions along with any other links at any moment without any prior notice, solely at our discretion.

Links and third-party resources from the Site

Any links, resources provided by third parties that are included in the site in any position or page, are inculcated for the user’s convenience only. Links would include, advertisements of any kind, banner images, and sponsored links which are visible on the website or other platforms of Four Wheel Drive India. No responsibility is taken in regards to the content that is visible on them, and any possible damage or loss has arisen for your use of them. The use of these third party links and resources redirecting you is completely at your own risk and are subject to the terms and conditions of the redirected sites.

Restrictions based on Geography:

We do not claim that the site and its contents will be available outside India. Access to certain or all parts of the site may not be legal to certain areas or person, in certain countries; hence the use and access of this site outside of India is at the discretion and initiative of the user and are responsible for compliance with the local India Laws.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

It is hereby disclaimed to the user that we cannot guarantee or warrant that the files that are downloaded from the site will be free of viruses or any other harmful code. The user is completely responsible for implementing the right and sufficient antivirus and protective features on their system or device in order to curtail any loss in means of data loss. We are not liable for any damage or loss of any kind incurred due to viruses or any other technological related harmful material that may affect your system or device, data, proprietary material, programs in any manner due to the use of our site or any services which are obtained through our site, or a site linked to it in any manner whatsoever. It is at the user’s discretion and sole risk to use the site’s services and obtain and view its contents.

The site and its respective content and services that are available and redeemed from the site by the user is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and Four Wheel Drive India does not hold any warranty of any kind, whether it be expressed or implied. In regards to the security, reliability, quality, accuracy, availability or completeness of the site, Four Wheel Drive India does not declare warranty. In any manner, Four Wheel Drive India does not hold any warranty that the site, and its respective services, content, and further that the site shall be reliable, error-free, uninterrupted, accurate, defectless, up to the user’s expectation or need, and that the site or its respective server will be free of viruses or any other harmful technological elements.

Four Wheel Drive India and its associated members, hereby disclaim to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, that all warranties of any kind, whether statutory or otherwise, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, warranties of title, non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. No information provided, whether oral or written provided by Four Wheel Drive India or its affiliates, officers, directories, agents, providers, sponsors, licensors, employees, merchant or the like shall create a warranty, nor shall the user rely on any such advice or information.

The user acknowledges that by using the site, that Four Wheel Drive India does not control in any manner or respect the information, products, content and services that are being offered by the third party on or through this site. Four Wheel Drive India and its affiliates, assume no responsibility and accountability and make no warranty in regards to the completeness, reliability, usefulness or accuracy of the contents, services and data on this website unless agreed in writing by Four Wheel Drive India and minimum two of its affiliates for services and content which has been made available on the site by third-party tools. The availability, prices, or details of the product and services on the site are subject to change any time prior to purchase. We, hereby disclaim all liability whatsoever, in regards to the errors, inaccuracies, related to travel or gear products, displayed on the site, including and without any limitation the pricing, photographs, general product descriptions, hotel amenities, etc. Additionally, upon the occurrence of, and/or changes in pricing, availability, and/or a pricing error or pending confirmations made under incorrect prices or details, we hold the right to update details, prices, or availability.

We do not make any warranty regarding the contents on the site, in regards to it meeting your expectations, and requirements. Further, any error, be it content or any other material visible to the user be it in regards to uninterrupted, secure, error-free, timely, or that defects, if any, will be corrected by us. Also, in regards to the emails, or any other information passed out from Four Wheel Drive India, we do not warrant that materials and content in this site will be accurate, reliable, current, and error-free. Nor does Four Wheel Drive India, proclaim any warranty in regards to the results that may be obtained from the utilization of the products and services of Four Wheel Drive India, and in regards to the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the content that is obtained through the use of the site.

Four Wheel Drive India holds no responsibility and accountability in regards to the damage suffered by a user, customer, member, not limited to loss of data from delays, errors, system downtime, no deliveries, misdeliveries, email or content, network or system outage, corruption of files, interruption of services caused by any reason whatsoever, but not limited to negligence of Four Wheel Drive India, and its affiliates, licensors, employees, or user’s own errors and/or omissions.

We hold not hold any responsibility for any damages or detrimental effects incurred on user or any member, including, but not limited to, loss from no delivery of products or services, booked from travel operators, or partners/companies listed on the site, which include, but are not limited to, hotels, vouchers, agencies, tours, transfers, and gears. The member and user of Four Wheel Drive India are is that Four Wheel Drive India is not related, in any manner whatsoever to the services which are listed on the site of Four Wheel Drive India, and further hold no accountability and responsibility in regards to the assurance of the delivery of such products and services.

Four Wheel Drive India disclaims any claim or representation or warranty that confidentiality and secrecy of the information and data imparted or transferred through this site will be maintained.

Limited Liability:

In no situation, including without limitation negligence, shall Four Wheel Drive India or its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates or their licensors, employees, agents, officers, directors or any other party involved in creating, producing, transmitting, or distributing Four Wheel Drive India content (collectively the “covered parties”) be liable to any person or entity whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, compensatory, punitive or consequential damages, but not limited to, personal injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, loss of data, and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use the site or any content provided by or through this site or any products or services obtained through the site or resulting from unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, or other information that is sent or received, including but not limited to damages for lost profits, loss of business or anticipated savings, use, data or other intangibles. The limitations of liability shall apply regardless of the form of action, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, even if a covered party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Further, the travel operators or the service providers are not the agents or employees of the covered parties they are independent contractors and service providers. Four Wheel Drive India and covered parties do not assume damage, death, property damage, loss, accident or delay due to any act, error or omission of a travel operator or service provider, including an act of negligence or the default of a service provider or an act of god. Four Wheel Drive India and the covered parties will make no refund in the change in itinerary, event of delay, cancellation, changes in travel package, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure and have no liability beyond their direct control and have no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays and re-routing or and changes done due to the actions of government or authority.

To the fullest extent permitted by law and subject to any exception set out below, Four Wheel Drive India does not accept liability for any loss, death, injury or damage, however, caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with or arising from this contract or your participation in a tour/trek, or in respect of a failure or omission on the part of Four Wheel Drive India to comply with its obligations under this contract, or in respect of any other conduct that Four Wheel Drive India undertakes in connection with a trip. To the fullest extent permitted by law and subject to the exception set out below, you also agree to release Four Wheel Drive India and its employees and representatives (“Representatives”) from all costs, liability, loss and damage incurred by you in connection with your participation in any trip and waive any associated claims that you may have against Four Wheel Drive India or its Representatives as a result of your participation in any Tour/Trek.

If covered parties notwithstanding the above and found liable for any damage or loss relating to the use of www.fourwheeldriveindia.com, you agree the liability of any such party shall in no event exceed the transaction fees assessed by Four Wheel Drive India for your transaction on the website. This limitation reflects the risk allocation between the parties.

The aforesaid is limited under applicable law and does not affect any liability which cannot be excluded.

Travel Destinations:

You, the user is responsible and liable for ensuring and making sure that you meet and custom to the India and global entry needs and requirements and that you documents for travel, such as, but not limited to, passports, visas (tourist, business, transit, any other), permissions, special permissions to restricted areas, are in order and any other India entry requirement are met. Although, most of the travel in India and abroad, is completed without the risk, and any incident, travelling by you to certain destinations or time may involve greater risk than usual or others. Four Wheel Drive India does not hold themselves responsible and are not liable for damages or loss, that may result for travelling to such destinations, in India and abroad.

Four Wheel Drive India strongly suggests and urges their passengers and user to carefully review travel prohibitions, warning, announcements, news, advisories, issued by local authorities and the National Government bodies. By offering the travel services, to any particular destination or destinations, Four Wheel Drive India, does not hold themselves accountable, or represent or warrant that the travel to such points and place is advisable, safe, and without risk. Further, it proclaims, that Four Wheel Drive India is not liable for any or all damages, or losses that may arise, from travel to such destinations.


By using this site, you agree to defend, and hold harmless Four Wheel Drive India, and the associated parties declared above, in regards to, but not limited to claims, liabilities, judgements, damages, and awards, expenses, fees (inclusive of reasonable attorney’s fees), losses, which arise due to any matter in regard to the violation of the agreement or the use of this site, including, but not limited to user’s contributions, use of the sites services, products, content, other than as expressly authorized in this Agreement or your usage of any information retrieved from this site.

Resolution of Disputes and Governing Law:

The agreement for the site is governed by Indian Laws. All conflicts, disputes, counts, claims, demands, controversies, or causes of action (inclusive of the interpretation and scope of this clause), legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of, or anyhow related to, the agreement or Four Wheel Drive India between you, the user and Four Wheel Drive India, and its agents, employees, assigns, successors, will and shall be exclusively be settled and treated through the courts of competent jurisdiction in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Severability and Waiver:

No waiver of by Four Wheel Drive India, of any condition or term which is set forth and declared in this agreement, shall be considered and deemed a or continuing waiver of such condition of term or a waiver of any other terms or condition, and any failure of Four Wheel Drive India to a right or provision under this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the site’s agreement is held by a court or any other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be removed, or limited to the minimum extent such that the remaining provisions of the Agreement will continue in full force and effect.

Entire Agreement:

The entire agreement, privacy policy and copyright policy constitutes the sole and the entirement of the agreement of you and Four Wheel Drive India, in regards to the site and further supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understanding and mentions, agreements and representations and warranties, both written and oral, which are in regards to the site.

For any concerns or comments:

Four Wheel Drive India, the site is operated by,

M/s Four Wheel Drive India

1-A, Fateh Nagar, Surya Nagar, Taroon ki Koot,

Tonk Road, Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302015

Any notices of copyright infringement claims should be sent to the agent designated in regards to the matter as per our copyright policy and in the appropriate manner listed there. Feedback, comments, request for any other matter, whether technical, or any other communications, should be redirected to: info@fourwheeldriveindia.com

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